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What's on.....

Talks & Demonstrations Programme 2017

10am to 5 pm Daily


 - Over 100 Potters' market stalls


- Talks & Demonstrations Programme


- Free prize Draws & Tombola


- Artisan Food Producer Stalls


- Fabulous Lunches and coffee


- The Harley Open exhibition

Buy your tickets on the door £5 per person including event guide


FRIDAY 23 June


Richard Heeley


Brush Strokes



Decorating with cobalt blue pigments on porcelain


David Frith


The Art of Throwing



A life at the wheel



14:00  - Talk

Svend Bayer


The Creative Force of Fire


The building of The Kigbeare Kiln


Wendy Lawrence


Carving Textures



Hand builing sculptural textured forms


11:00  - Talk

Alex McErlain


Getting to know Pots...

...using handmade pots at home


The ever changing nature of tableware and its use.


Fleen Doran


Folded Pots



Using Slabs and stamps to create for the home


Arwyn Jones


Creating for the Kitchen


Throwing, carving and turning to make a Lemon Juicer.

14:00  - Talk

Roger Lewis


Developing ideas with Clay


How one idea can lead on to the next


Annie Peaker


Built by Hand



Sculptural handbuilding

SUNDAY 25 June

11:00 - Talk

Alex McErlain


Getting to know Pots...

...has everything been done before.


Artists Inspired by the past creating for the present


Paul Jessop


Sane people Quit!




The trials and tribulations of a production potter.

13:00 - Talk

Matthew Blakely


The Colours of Britain



Using the varied geology of Britain to make pots and glazes


Anna Mercedes Wear


Slab-Building Cats




From 2D to 3D: How to build a clay animal from flattened components.


Akiko Hirai


A Personal View of Japanese Ceramics



Japanese aesthetics and culture in relation to ceramics.

Heeley Frith Bayer LAWRENCE McERLAIN 2 Doran Jones Lewis PEAKER McERLAIN 3 Blakeley HIRAI jessop

Full List of 2017 Exhibitors....

Find out more about who you can meet this year

SC Stephen Parry and Fritz Rossman

All the Talks & Demonstrations will take place in the Harley Ceramics Studio within the Earth & Fire Site.


The first session each day, by Alex McErlain, will be of specific interest to those new to studio ceramics, who would like to understand more about the work on show at Earth & Fire.

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